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Mayor's Welcome Speech

  Welcome to visit the web site of Bayannur people’s government.

  With a long history, Bayannur city is located in north border area of China. It’s fertile and flows with a huge development potential of economy , with beautiful mountains and rivers, vast territory and rich resources.

  The famous Hetao plain is the largest automatic-flowing irrigation area of Asia, which fosters this fertile land. The diligent people on Hetao plain till this land. It’s an important national commodity grain base, which is being constructed, and it’s the major grain, oil and sugar producing area in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It’s also well known because of abundant and famous grain, fish, melon and fruit.

  With the lush and beautiful landscape, Wulate Grassland is a rich natural pasture, which teems with cattle, sheep and camels. The white-hair goats from Erlang Mountain and the red and white camels from Gobi are well known both at home and abroad, some typical products such as tomato, Chinese wolfberry medlar and Congrong (a kind of traditional Chinese medicine growing in Hetao plain) are resound all over the world. With favorable conditions of light, heat, water and soil, the vast Wulanbuhe Desert has a huge development potential.

  Yinshan Mountain, towering at Bayannur’s hinterland, is rich in 60 different kinds of mineral resources. The historic site and cultural relic, which are the one and only, and tourist sight with unique north features provide a crowning touch to the fame of the city.

  The agricultural and livestock products processing industries, light and textile industries and national industries have vigorous life; Metallurgy, chemical industry and building material industry, which rely on mines, have a large prospect.

  We need to make new friends with more people, and we also hope more and more friends know us. We will strengthen the cooperation and communication with the friends both at home and abroad. According to our unique superiorities and more open attitudes to buck for development and prospecting together.

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